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About Us

About us- Lavish Desires

Hi and welcome to lavish desires, we are an online store which is open for everyone and everything for adults. 

Whether it's to gain knowledge, share experiences or to buy new and exciting sex toys to add to their collection.

We have a huge collection of products to choose from, all sourced from across the globe.  We take great pride in supplying with the widest range of sex toys and lingerie on the market!

Our aim is to create a shop that doesn't feel weird or shameful... a place where everyone can feel at home, no matter who they were or where they came from.  A place free from judgment — an open, accessible environment that welcomes everyone with a warm embrace and a high-five and where S-E-X is everything but a three-letter word.

We feel pleasure in what we do

At Lavish Desires, you can find everything from vibrators to lingerie, lifesize sex dolls, bedroom essentials and fun games toys — a carefully chosen selection of high quality, functional, premium and body-safe products. We also feature a variety of branded sex toys by famous names of the pleasure world And to make things even more interesting, though our regular blogs. It’s an inspiring place that strives to continually evolve as we help you to satisfy your deepest desires.  

Go a bit deep

Lavish desires is geared towards all identities, we avoid gendering our products or telling people how our toys are “supposed” to be used. There’s no such thing as a toy that’s solely “for couples only” or “just for women”, everything in our store can be used by anybody!  By being totally transparent about sex, health, and relationships, our hope is that sexuality will become a topic we can discuss without fear or shame.

We're here to inspire intimacy and fun 

Historically, sex has either been taboo or portrayed by the industry as something reserved for those who look, feel, act and sound a certain way. Simply aims to challenge that, because we don’t believe sex is reserved for a only few. 

We believe sex is empowering, it's every day and it's good for you. We round out our collection of products to inspire people to express themselves and feel good doing it. From self-care to partner play, from foreplay to long distance, from routine to spontaneity. We believe it should simply be a fun experience. 

We believe…

Sex is Wellness

Sexual health is a vital part of overall health. Sex and pleasure improve self-confidence, motivation, longevity, mental health and relationships.


Variety Fuels Desire

Our product assortment is designed to honor your adventure level, fantasies and preferences. Variety is one of the greatest predictors of a healthy sexual relationship.


Toys Are Simply Tools for Sex 

We believe using a toy for sex isn't something to be ashamed of. It should be as normal as buying a toothbrush and as enticing as...well, is there anything better than good sex?

We promise…


Customer Satisfaction 

We strive to timely deliver our customers. Getting tied up with fans is part of our customer-centric vision. Hence why we have a 24/7 customer care team ready to answer product questions, place orders and problem solve.



Your privacy is important to us. All packages are shipped in discreet, unmarked packages. We won't give away our name on your bank statement either; Your orders are safe with us.


Returns Made Easy

If you are not happy with your order, it may be returned unopened and unused within 30 days of being shipped. Email us right away and we’ll get the process started for you.